Sunday, June 19, 2011

My blog, "Finding Sara" can be found at


Florida Dom said...

What happened to your blog. Did I miss something?


The Tame Lion said...

I'm always here to support you.

Learning_curves said...

I'm following you anyway b/c I've heard so much about you from other ladies in blogland but I hope you get your blog up and running soon! Sorry that blogger got it all messed up!!! I'm looking forward to reading it!

findingsara said...

Grant and Sara's blog can be found at:

Thanks Everyone!

Journey of Life and Love said...

I don't know if you check this anymore, but I miss your perspective. I requested permission to read on wordpress as hismignon, hope you got it. Thanks

Storyteller said...


I have requested permission to read your blog on wordpress several times with no response. I also miss your perspective and learned so much from you. I hope you will approve me. Thank you!!! <3